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HealthWay Air Purifier
The Most Powerful in Puerto Rico

The HealthWay DFS (Disinfecting Filtration System) air purifier controls the growth of fungi, bacteria, viruses, germs, and other microorganisms in the air that cause asthma and other lung diseases. In addition, it eliminates strong odors in the air. Our purifier provides you with 90% cleaner air in 30 minutes in your home, school or office. This allows your children or people with asthma or other respiratory conditions to breathe safely in a cleaner environment.

The Best Air Purifier

This air purifier is a medical equipment as well as a disinfectant unit with a filtration system that eliminates up to 99.99% of germs. It traps microscopic particles down to 0.007 microns. It exceeds four times HEPA standards, which are a 99.99% collection of 0.3 micron size particles. This is the most powerful air purifier in the world!

This professional medical grade air filter is the only system that addresses all three categories of contaminants. This technology is currently used in hospitals, clean rooms, government buildings, and residential, school, and commercial applications.

The HealthWay Air Purifier
  • The HealthWay Air Purifier is the world's most advanced medical grade air cleaning system.
  • It is part of the FDA listing for class II medical devices (ISO9001: 2 CE CSA UL EMI).
  • An independent medical laboratory test indicates that it has:
     - a virus elimination rate of 99 to 100%;
     - a bacteria kill rate of 98 to 100%;
     - a mold and mildew capture rate of 94 to 100%.
  • Additionally, this system includes a unique 9-stage filtration system with a powerful VOC (volatile organic compound) filter stage for the removal of dangerous chemicals and gases.
  • Each unit is individually tested and certified.

Benefits of our Air Purifier

Benefits of our air purifier
  • You will have a cleaner, fresh smelling home or office
  • In just 30 minutes you will have 90% cleaner air
  • There will be less residue from dust, dander, pollen, mites, bacteria, mold, and fungi
  • Improves symptoms of asthma and allergies
  • Fewer dangerous microorganisms, chemicals and gases in the air
  • Low power consumption portable unit
  • Ease of operation and maintenance
  • We offer our own financing
  • 5 year warranty
Indoor Air Quality Association micro contamination analysis and control national indoor environmental quality research

Air Filtration Stages

The HealthWay Air Purifier has 9 stages of filtration. The commercial grade gas and odor filter removes most gases and the patented DFS technology removes 94-100% of harmful viruses, molds and bacteria, leaving only fresh, clean and healthy air. This technology is currently used in hospitals, clean rooms, government buildings, and military applications. Many doctors recommend this air purification system.

Filtration stages and air purifier parts

A) 7-stage pre-filter
Stage 1: Poly Propylene Mesh: dust, hair and lint particle collector.
Stage 2: Anti-Microbial: inhibits bacterial growth in the filter.
Stage 3: Zeolite Pellets: VOC and gas absorber.
Stage 4: Carbon Pellets: VOC and gas absorbent.
Stage 5: Potassium Permanganate: VOC and gas absorbent.
Stage 6: Anti-Microbial: Reduces bacterial growth in the filter.
Stage 7: Poly Propylene Mesh: collector of dust, hair and lint particles.

B) 360 Degree Air Entry Design
Allows placement anywhere, ensuring complete room treatment.

C) Dual air inlet blower
Drives a constant volume of air and provides ultra-quiet operation.

D) Sealed filtration chamber
All incoming air is treated in a 100% sealed chamber.

E) DFS Germicidal Technology
Stage 8: Captures dust, mold, pollen, dust mites, dander and removes up to 100% of these captured contaminants.

F) Sanitizing filtration system (main filter)
Stage 9: Traps microorganisms and inhibits growth through micro-biostasis condition.

G) Electronic control panel
The light indicates when to replace the main filter. The biological monitor light shows that the DFS germ control is working efficiently. It has a convenient 3-speed control and ultra-quiet low-speed airflow control.

H) Clean and fresh air outlet

advance technology for air purification
Air Purifier HealthWay

The HealthWay Difference

At HealthWay, we are committed to being a leader in indoor environmental solutions, to never stop seeking new and improved ways to maximize efficiency, respect our environment, and ensure our indoor air is as pure as it can possibly be.

For more than 30 years, HealthWay has provided the most effective technology to improve indoor air quality. Our innovations are used worldwide in numerous types of applications, from medical facilities and clean rooms to residences, hotels and cruise ships. Striving to do right, with every breath.

HealthWay Air Purifier: the most powerful in Puerto Rico

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